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Dont DATE logo kép

We as a team started working on this project. Me and my other classmates from 9.A Patai Dominik, Pongrácz Dávid, Renner Zalán and Vass Veronika. Don't D.A.T.E. doesn't mean "Don't date your partner!", it’s an abbreviation. Each letter means something different. D=Drugs A=Alcohol T=Technology E=Electronics. We made multiple presentations about what addiction does to the human body and your surroundings.

This is part of an international project. We worked together with our teacher Simonyi Antónia, and a lot of different people, from multiple different countries. We also made a logo about 'Don't D.A.T.E.'. We took a survey about the D.A.T.E. project that shows what you think about drugs, alcohol, technology and electronics.

We also gave a tour of our school, which was uploaded onto YouTube.