Veszprémi Szakképzési Centrum Ipari Technikum
„Nevelni és tanítani”
8200 Veszprém, Iskola u. 4. OM kód: 203066/002
Tel.: 30-125-6604

Ipari Secondary Technical and Grammar School

Our school is a secondary technical school representing different fields of industry, for example mechanical engineering, information technology, environmental protection and chemistry. We also offer traditional grammar school classes specialised in foreign languages and handball. The official name of the school is Ipari (referring to industry) Secondary Technical and Grammar School, which is situated in the heart of the township of Veszprém.

The main school building used to belong to the nunnery dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the oldest wings of which are 150 years old and were built in neogothic style.

Our students are proud to enter the gate with iron bars, they are fond of the mellow old school building where bustling student life can be seen. You can also be charmed by the romantic flights of steps and the ground floor corridor. Attached to the old part there are new wings.

Due to the increase in the number of students besides our gym we can use the modern, well- equipped covered stadium maintained by the local government.

Currently we can offer a wide variety of courses and several classes specialised in different fields.

As years went by we were supposed to keep pace with the changing world of technology. So we decided to launch a project sponsored by the World Bank in 1992.

At this point let us provide you with some information as far as the history of the school is concerned.

It was established as a technical school of chemistry studies in 1949 so we are going to celebrate its 60th anniversary in 2009. The first skilled technicians got their certificate in 1953. Ever since then the school has gone through several changes.

In 1958 aluminium processing trainings and in 1981 telecommunication technique trainings were introduced. In 1969 the school was reorganised to become an ordinary secondary school and it was only in 1985 when the education of technicians was reintroduced. During the 1990’s there was a decline in the demand of chemists but recently there has been a revival of this job. Our high standard laboratories can provide a competitive background for practical tasks.

Students can sit for their school-leaving exams /GCSE/ at the end of 12th year and if they decide to stay for another year they are entitled to get their qualification as a technician after a successful exam. In every class specialised in the fields mentioned above the students obtain certificates in the following fields: chemical laboratory technician, mechanical engineering technician, Internet application developer and environmental science and protection technician.

The mechanical engineering courses are based on the aluminium processing course first introduced in 1958. In addition to traditional turning and hand - operated turner’s lathes the most up-to-date control engineering with CNC - technology and CAD are also available for the students.

The information technology courses route back to the telecommunication courses. At the moment we have 6 computer rooms equipped with the latest technical devices.

Students can take part in optional afternoon classes as a result of which they can get a CCNA /Cisco Certified Network Associate / certificate accepted internationally.

In our latest programme, which trains environmentalists, students participate in field work in addition to laboratory research.

The classes specialised in chemistry and engineering are involved in a skill-based project built on mixed teams of students with different abilities as a result of which they can improve their personal skills and cooperative learning strategies by using the means of IT and digital boards.

The nationwide PISA - survey found our students above average both in Mathematics and Reading Comprehension, moreover our secondary school students proved to be among the best ones.

Together with the University of Pannonia and other vocational institutions our school is also a member of Pannon TISZK / Regional Integrated Vocational Centre /.

In addition to traditional grammar school classes there are also language preparatory classes which offer students a high number of foreign language / English and German / lessons.

Due to the excellent sports achievements of our students we have been in the top 20 secondary schools. Therefore we welcome and appreciate any students with good sports abilities and results. Our students belonging to the classes specialised in handball playing contribute much to the success of the Hungarian national handball team. We are proud to have had as a student some of the most famous handball players of the country, for example Péter Gulyás from the MKB Veszprém team.

Traditionally we organise the cultural event Alma Mater where students perform plays, recite poetry, play music, dance and sing.

Students can have the opportunity to go skiing to Austria during the winter months and to go boat - rowing on the River Tisza in the summer holidays. These holidays are both informal on the one hand, and contribute to the formation of good relationship between students and teachers on the other.

The school- leavers’ ball is held every January which gathers both students and parents. During the event the fourth-year students are given a light blue ribbon with the name of the school and the period of their studies enscribed in it, which they are supposed to wear on their coat or rucksack to indicate that they are ready to sit for the school-leaving exam in May.

The school has always been famous for its student - centredness. The teaching staff is young, dynamic and well-qualified. Teachers give extra tutorials to the most able students and to those with learning difficulties and they are happy to get involved in other programmes at school such as different competitions, shows, sports events and the Christmas concert where they sing in the teachers’ choir.

The student government speaks in support of fellow students as well as organises extra curricular activities and operates the school radio.

The school library with its 42000 volumes is one of the biggest libraries in the county whose assembly hall serves as the venue of conferences, parents’ meetings, exhibitions and commemorations.

We are proud of our students’ academic achievements as well as their practical skills in different fields.

In the autumn of 2008 we established a partnership contract with Janusz Korczak Lyceum in Boleslawiec, Poland. This project enables the students of both schools to deepen the well-known traditional Polish-Hungarian friendship and to get to know the cultures represented in the student exchange programme.